3 06 2009


Outside the Tube Designs was born with two goals in mind:  To provide phans with mementos that are unique and symbolic, and to always think outside the tube…

My journey into designing Phish memorabilia began in 2004 with the conception of the Maze/Bowie Coin.  Actually, I came up with the idea for the Maze/Bowie Coin in the summer of 2000, but “hiatus” put it on the back burner for a few years.  By the time i debuted the Maze/Bowie Coin at the Las Vegas Run in April of 2004, we were only weeks from having the plug pulled yet again on Phish.  I regretfully designed the UVM/Coventry Coin for the final Phish tour, and to this day consider it the coin that should never have been…

Outside the Tube Designs lay dormant after Coventry, and only after the Hampton Reunion was announced did the gears begin turning again.  This began a trend of designing commemorative coins, and since then I have selected one “hot” run per tour for which to design a coin.  My goal is to intertwine elements of Phish history with imagery that is relevant to the locale and/or venue of the selected run.  Being a history teacher, Outside the Tube Designs provides me the opportunity to apply my love of history and music into creating unique memorabilia.

I am always looking for new opportunities to design memorabilia that nobody else thinks of.  From Coins to Wooden Nickels and Poker Chips, Festival Reserve Notes to Stickers, and Pins to Superballs, Outside the Tube Designs will always strive to do just that:  Think Outside the Tube!

Peruse my Archive Page to see all of the memorabilia that I have created over the years, and poke around the other pages to see what is available.  Be sure to check out my new “143-245” Page which features items priced at the Phish Lot Beer Standard of 1 for $3, 2 for $5…

Paypal to is the preferred method of payment, but I also accept USPS Money Orders.  Please follow the directions below to make buying Phish Coins a quick and easy process.

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